Nursery Stock Inventory Expanded in 2015!

Lilac 'Syringa'

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Hydrangea 'paniculata' 

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Mailing Address:

750 Route 18 Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 

(603) 823-8500

Located on Route 18, Franconia, NH

Just off Interstate I93

Exit 38N Franconia, NH and 39S Sugar Hill, NH off Interstate 93

Flowering Trees - Crab Apple 'Malus'

  • Dolgo Crab  - White
  • Indian Magic Crab - Pink
  • Purple Prince Crab - Red
  • Snowdrift Crab - White

Shade Trees

  • Maple (Acer) 'HOT WINGS'

Deciduous Shrub - Varieties

  • Dogwood 'Cornus Alba' - Red Twig Dogwood
  • Forsythia 'Forsythia' - Meadowlark
  • Hydrangea 'Paniculata' - Limelight, PeeGee, Pink Diamond, Vanilla Strawberry
  • Ninebark - Amber Jubilee, Little Devil
  • Sand Cherry - Purple Leaf
  • Spiarea - Little Pincess (pink), Neon Flash (red), Briadalwreath (white), First Editions Superstart (deep pink)
  • Viburnum - Roseum Snowball
  • Weigela - Polka, Rainbow Sensations, Shining Sensation
  • Winterberry - Sparkleberry (female), Winter Red (female), Southern Gentleman (male)
  • Lilac 'Syringa' - Declaration (red purple), ​Dwarf Korean (pale purple), Beauty of Moscow (white pink), Charles Joly (magenta), Miss Ellen Willmott (white), President Grevy (lilac blue), President Lincoln (true blue),                           Yankee Doodle (dark purple), Pocahontas (dark violet), Donald Wyman (red purple), James Macfarlene             (pink), Miss Kim (pale purple)​
  • ​Shrub Roses 'Rosa' - Rosa Hansa (medium red),  Easy Ellegance - Calypso (apricot blend), Champagne Wishes     (white), High Voltage (medium yellow), Kashmir (dark red), Music Box (yellow blend), My Girl (deep purple),       Snowdrift (white)
  • Deciduous Shrub Vines - Boston Ivy, Honeysuckle 'Mandarin', Wisteria 'Shining Sensation'

​Conifer Evergreen Shrubs

  • ​​Birds Nest Spruce, Mugho Pine, Juniper, Cypress, Global Blue Spruce

​Ornamental Trees & Shrubs - Local & Naturally Grown

                                       We have the knowledge & experience, quality, climate appropriate plants for your landscape

                                                                              2015 Availability List of Trees & Shrub

                                        Please note: availability is subject to change at anytime.

Shrub Roses 'Rosa' 

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