USDA Certified Organic by NH Dept of Agriculture, Markets & Food

Certified Organic Grower of seedlings, potted plants, nursery stock, fresh produce, & Organic Poultry Eggs

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Great news! Heath's Greenhouse, Nursery & Organic Farm was rated # 6 -  

10 Best Garden Centers and Nurseries in New Hampshire!

By Best Things New Hampshire

"Heath’s may be the true “happiest place on earth” for the gardening crowd, consistently delivering incredible service and lush products. Plan your new undertaking, or skip the hard part and head to Heath’s Farm Stand, which sells everything from cut flowers to veggies and organic pasture-raised eggs."

Lilac Shrubs

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We have the knowledge & experience, quality, climate appropriate plants for your landscape

'​Nestled in the foothills of Franconia Notch Mountain Range, is a quaint, intimate and service oriented organic greenhouse and nursery that has been in the family since 1989 from the inception of Heath Environmental Enterprise in 1972. Heath's have something the big box stores don't have in this little corner of New Hampshire - Over 75 years of combined knowledge of Northern New Hampshire's specific growing habitats and climates. Come to Heath's Greenhouse and Nursery with the confidence that anything you purchase is going to be perfect for your local growing conditions and an asset to your garden and landscape! And know that all of Heath's plant products are sustainably grown on site.


We take great care in growing all of our annual plants from seeds and rooted cuttings, in our two greenhouses. We use natural and organic soils, fertilizers and soil amendments. Our Integrated Pest Management includes the use of natural pest control, including beneficial insects, commonly referred to as 'Beneficial's'.

In the  greenhouse
Certified Organic
We grow and sell a large assortment of all natural flowering annuals and hanging baskets, our vegetable and herb seedlings are certified organic. We carry exclusively crafted planters, designed for your patio, porch, steps, or walk way. We are happy to plant your window boxes, patio pots, cemetery planters or hanging baskets. Bring in your own containers or purchase them from us. You may choose from our selection of plants and we will design them for according to your growing conditions.

In the nursery
Certified Organic
'Gem of a Nursery' Heath's has the knowledge and experience, quality, climate appropriate plants for your landscape and gardens. Heath's specializes in hardy fruit trees and bushes. Heath's 2nd year nursery stock is certified organic. Including, multiple varieties of Peach, Apricot, Cherry, Plum, Pear, Apple Trees, Blueberry Bushes, Raspberry Bushes, Grape Vines.  We also grow and sell a large variety of all natural and certified organic perennials,  potted fruit trees & bushes, flowering deciduous and evergreen trees & shrubs .

In the store
Certified Organic
​Heath's sell assorted products, including Sustainable Seed Company certified organic & heirloom seeds (All non-GMO), Livingston Seed Company Organic Seeds, Natural pest control including, beneficial insects (namely nematodes) and all natural and organic products: fertilizers, potting soils, amendments, diatomaceous earth, kelp meal and Epsom Salts. Locally painted clay pots by Pisa, bird houses, baskets and more.

usda Certified organic grower

Heath's specializes in hardy fruit trees & bushes for this climate zone, click here

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Fruit Trees & Bushes
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Greenhouse Annuals

Mailing Address:

750 Route 18 Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 

(603) 823-8500

Located on Route 18

At the foothills of Sugar Hill, NH, between Franconia & Littleton

Just off Interstate I93

Exit 38N Franconia, NH and 39S Sugar Hill, NH off Interstate 93